Rebel + Sketch + Wrangler

Meet Rebel and Sketch: our newest Vinyl patterns and Wrangler: our newest Polyurethane pattern.

Rebel is a sophisticated faux leather mimicking the classic aesthetic of woven canvas. Subtle texture variation creates alternating matte and sheen reflections across the surface. Rebel is available in an extensive palette of thirty-six rainbow inspired hues.

A raised emboss highlights Sketch’s meandering hand drawn illustration while its metallic surface adds a hint of glam. Sketch is offered in sixteen glossy shades including earthy oranges and subdued blues.

Equipped with Writer’s Block Wrangler’s performance story is more relevant than ever. With a blend of high-grade Polycarbonate resin and Silicone for added surface protection Wrangler offers the highest level of resistance to commercial cleaners and disinfectants, as well as unsurpassed stain resistance (including ink and indigo dye).

Rebel and Wrangler are:
Prop 65 Compliant / Phthalate Free
No Added FR Chemicals / Cal. AB 2998 Compliant
No Added Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Microbial Chemicals

Ink and Denim Dye Cleanable
Mildew and Sulfide Stain Resistant

Rebel Pattern Pin This Image

Pattern Shown: Rebel

 Wrangler Pattern Pin This Image

Pattern Shown: Wrangler