Cadence + Harmony

Inspired by the rhythmic movement of sound, undulating visual elements are woven into interesting and sophisticated ways.

Cadence’s upbeat geometric pattern alludes to soundwaves transitioning in pitch from high to low. The integration of a three-color twist yarn adds a heathered effect to amp up dimension across the surface. Cadence is offered in eight hues with an emphasis on layered neutrals.

Intricately layered, Harmony evokes the calming nature of ambient sound. Harmony utilizes a blend of metallic and matte yarns to reveal a subtle pattern with a soft and reflective focus. A robust palette of thirteen includes jewel tones and soft pastels to best compliment the gilded accent.

100% Disinfectable
Cadence: 8 Colorways / Harmony: 13 Colorways
Crypton® Super Fabric

Cadence Pattern Pin This Image

Pattern Shown: Cadence

Harmony Pattern Pin This Image

Pattern Shown: Harmony